School is hell

December 7, 2020

In the words of Matt Groening (The Simpsons, Futurama): School is hell. In school we mostly learn facts. Some of these facts are not true anymore. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall (1989), East Germany (GDR) stopped existing. Most of these facts can easily be learned elsewhere. In other words, the focus on rote memorization in school is a damn shame. For a large part of our confinement in school we learn very little.

We do not learn how to:

To be honest, I’d rather not learn these skills in school. In fact, if we could do with less school, I’d say YES, PLEASE!

Maybe I’m one of a few thinking that we could do with less schooling1. School never really was “my kind of thing”, although I have consumed a lot of school curricula2.

Maybe you agree with me. But if you don’t – because my argument is lacking persuasiveness or humor – you can blame school!

  1. A few notable thinkers of our time are of the same opinion, though. I’ve already mentioned Matt Groening. Others are e.g. Michel Foucault, and Ivan Illich.

  2. In fact I have a PhD in a multidisciplinary field, at the intersection of cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence.