No YT for me

May 31, 2020

Youtube is a repulsive platform. They “moderate” mostly on a post hoc basis to save face, and they seem to care very little about the well being of their visitors and content creators. For example, Youtube has a problem with sex education for LGBTQ youth. Why? Because, sadly, sex education for LGBTQ youth is controversial. In contrast, Youtube seems to care very little about hate speech and violence because such videos gather a lot of attention.

Optimizing for engagement (i.e., grabbing people’s attention) with an absolute disregard for the value of people’s time is another example of how repulsive Youtube is. In 2017 they achieved their goal to get people to watch 1 billion hours of videos a day. Each and every day, humanity is watching 100,000 years of Youtube videos! Youtube achieved this goal by stealing time away from friends and family. Sadly, their mission was not to create a healthy environment; an environment that is safe for people with all sorts of backgrounds; an environment where relevance is more important than engagement; an environment that values people’s time.

So, now what? There undeniably is great content on Youtube. Fortunately, there are initiatives such as NewPipe and that allow you to enjoy Youtube’s entire catalogue of videos without being on that platform. So whenever you want to share a link to a Youtube video, share it via, please! ^_-