Self publishing a minizine

February 28, 2021

A short while ago I stumbled upon the phenomenon of the minizine via game designer James Chip. He had participated in Mini Zine Jam 2020 with his zine Very Useful Spells Indeed. I was immediately inspired to create one, too. (More on this later.)

Previously I wrote that we should decolonize our imagination. That we could create our own stories, games, music, et cetera. And, that we could self-publish our own creations. Zines – minizines included – are the perfect medium to publish our folklore. They can be very low-tech, and can be distributed easily. In paper and digital formats.

Okay, so what about my minizine, you say?

I’ve created two – together with my significant other! We both happened to be inspired. @_@

We’ve created two role playing games (RPGs) in minizine format. Mind you, we’re not game designers, but we’ve had a ton of fun creating our minizines. The tabletop RPG is a fantastic (pun intended) medium to express one’s own creativity, and to encourage others to express their creativity. Our games are:

We’re releasing both games into the public domain (under CC-Zero), because we think copyright is an affront to freedom and creativity.

We hope you like them! ^_^


Oh yes, these instructions show you how to fold a minizine.