Let us entertain us

October 18, 2020

Corporations have colonized our imagination. From leisure time to school and work, we cannot imagine living our lives without their content, their hardware, software, and services.

But let’s imagine the following:

We do not sedate ourselves anymore with Netflix/Disney series/movies at the end of a hard day’s work.

What?! Get out of here!

We do not write documentation anymore with Microsoft/Google’s productivity tools.

You are crazy!

We acknowledge that smartphones are bullsh*t, and that we do not actually need them.1

You. are. delusional!

Netflix, Disney, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Apple… These corporations have permeated our lives. They have pirated our culture. They have highjacked our imagination, and in doing so they have made us to believe that we absolutely need all of the above. We must consume it. Or do we?

It’s rare for people to build their own tools – without shiny corporate stuff – but it happens. 100 Rabbits build small, specific tools for specific purposes 2. And why not?!

The things that we do are clearly not the things of science fiction. Most things we do are not technologically advanced and they don’t need to be. And thus, what do the large corporations do for us that we cannot do ourselves? Do we really need their “smart” products? Do we really need their entertainment?


We can make our own tools, and we can make our own art, and we can certainly entertain ourselves. In the 808 episode of the podcast 20k Hz, we’re told of a time in which people made their own music, together, in their own living rooms. How great is that?!

Obviously the corporations would not like it if we were to create our own things, and enjoy ourselves in the good company of friends, family, and strangers, without corporate intervention. But we can make it happen.

Let’s decolonize our imagination!

  1. I’m not trying to pick a fight here, but I’d wager that more than 90% of the things we do on our phone is mindless bullsh*t.

  2. See e.g. their sourcehut page. Orca is terrific, you can check out some videos on invidiou.site.